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Mediform can help you get the most
Medicare has to offer

You are eligible for Medicare if:

  • You turn 65 and have no other coverage that disqualifies you
  • You are any age and suffer from kidney disease or other disability
  • Your employer coverage ends anytime after age 65

Medicare has many coverage options:

  • Original Medicare and a supplement
  • Medicare Advantage plan
  • Medicare drug plan

The future is uncertain:

  • Our clients have the information they need to react to changes in Medicare.
  • Children of the elderly will have an established support system already in place as their parents decline. 

We have been helping
Medicare members
since 1979

  • Medicare is political - it changes according to policy initiatives
  • Several money-saving "perks" are offered during the first six months on Medicare
  • Patient costs for the same treatment can vary substantially on different Medicare plans
  • Medicare rules regarding coordination of benefits (who pays first when there is more than one insurer) are a paperwork nightmare

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